dinsdag 25 juni 2013

I'm back :D

I'm sorry that it's such a long time ago :( but I'm back so .... Enjoy 

It is finally a little nicer weather, therefore you suddenly have a lot more energy. So when you finally, after a long working day or week or studying, have time to do something fun with your friends. It does not cost much. Here are a few ideas for your free time to spend. Useful and enjoyable

1. Play the tourist
Go wild and hang the tourist in your own hometown.
Wander at ease a round, visit the hot spots and take pictures of all the beautiful and interesting buildings or places that you encounter. If you do this together, you can also simply socialize and cozy gossip.

2. Go for a walk
Walking drowsy? Not at all! Cozy with a few friends for a walk. Time to chat and enjoy the nature (or city, or people) around you.

3. Organize your own photoshoot
Always wanted to be a model? Then you can organize a photoshoot with your girlfriends. First put make up and clothes on and then make nice pictures. If you only use stuff you already have, it costs nothing!

4. day at the beach
If you live close to the beach can also be a fun and inexpensive outing. Even in the winter! Go for a walk on the beach and then enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate at a beach.

5. Play games
Do as before and get cozy board or card games out. From Scrabble to poker, there is something for everyone's tastes. 

6. picnic
Go with a bunch of girlfriends fashioned picnic. Have everyone bring a snack and enjoy it. To avoid having to give any extra money you can ask your friends if they all want to bring. Some goodies Tasty, convenient and cheap!

Lots of love me

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