dinsdag 25 juni 2013

BAMM... Let's rock this party! It's summertime!

Haay :) ,

Throughout the years I've been dreaming about summer and now it's finally SUMMER!!
I turn to you briefly summarize why summer is still so great! : p

1. No school!
Great, right? Sleeping late and not be concerned with all the worries of tests and tasks.

2. Sea, sun & beachIn warm weather, the sea is classic but still super funny destination! Nice tan and if you get too hot take a dip in the fresh water! Just wonderful! I <3 IT

3. The lovely clothes

Finally! You can pick tops and  short shorts out of the closet! Do you have almost no summer clothing more? Do not worry the shops hang currently full of summer dresses, shorts, ...

4. SummerLove <3
lOvE ... In the summer ... Most girls dream to have a summer love. A little vacation Logically, it is super romantic. But summer loving happend so fast ... "After the summer is over you see each other more often and that is quite unfortunate: '(

A few summer pictures :)

Summer -> I Love you 
Get all summer feelings ...
I have it allready !

Lots of Love 

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