zondag 7 april 2013

What your shoes say about you?

Haay girls ,

When your old shoes so worn and you can't wear them anymore 
you can finally buy new shoes! Jeey!
But what shoes you can actually combine with what?

The Classic All-Stars <3

The absolute classics All-stars, I love those!
The all star gives you a playful and carefree look. Do not wear them under a skirt! But under a dress, on the other hand, they are very playful. Boys find this so cute! 

The cute ballarinas <3

It is a real art to find beautiful ballarinas. I usually walk for hours before I finally find real nice ones !
There are so many ugly ballarinas. Why??

The beautiful High Heels

For each season, a new pair of heels! : D
Yet the summer remains the ultimate season for heels!
Especially the Wedge, it really gives a summery feel and looks very nice!

The winter gives a warm and cozy feel wear these with a thick carpet or a tight skinny.
So you can easily find in the winter mood!


Spring gives her half-open shoes. Wear these with a floral skirt or shorts.
It gives something sweet and playful!

And last autumn. In autumn all the leaves of the trees. And therefore the shoes in red, brown, yellow! Wear this with tights and a stark dress. You'll
look amazing!

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