zondag 7 april 2013

Spring !

Helloo!Although it is still quite cold here , I'm finally starting to get a spring feeling. I buy only tops, shorts, girly barrettes, I walk whistling through the house in my flip-flops (I have every toenail painted in a different color). Okay maybe the fact we have tons of easter eggs in the house also have something to do with it, but I have to address seriously!It's not really spring weather, but we should be glad that it is not snowing.   We have 2 weeks holiday so I have some time for some fun spring pictures and outfits to look like this! I go tomorrow on holliday. So I can't  upload this week. But after my vacation I will upload back. And give an account of the fashion things that I have discovered on vacation. Here are the pictures :)



( i'll see you when i'm back :D )

lots of love 

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