vrijdag 5 april 2013

braids ;)

Haaay ,

Braids are today probably the biggest trend in hair area. Traditional French braids you all know but what some people do with their hair it's really worth it!

Here are the top five most beautiful braids!


A classic but still super nice the Herringbone braid from Blake Lively!

Look how casually and loosely.
The pin makes him truly complete!
Are you not super jealous of those beautiful locks!

The classic hair updo with two braid as a hair band. And behind raised. I love this! Here you will find many hair tutorials on yt.


The waterfall braid has something cuter especially if you combine it with a bow like on the picture! So lovley and not that hard to make. :)


This is not so easy. A braided braid, I have been struggling with it, but interwoven with 6 pieces of hair seems quite a chore. But the results are impressive.


Or the classic tail completely interwoven dot a little different than No 3 because here all the hair is braided, even the tail!

Have fun with braiding :)


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