zaterdag 30 maart 2013

winter is nice ?

But ... we can't do anything about the winter :( We have too survive ;) 
So we must see the fun of it :) 
Here are 5 things to make winter more fun ! :)

1  Drinking a hot chocolate milk in front of the fireplace.
    (if you don't like chocolate milk ... tea is also good :) 
    To make your chocolate milk even better 
     you  can do marshmallows or wipped cream in it. :p

  2  who doesn't like snowballfights with friends ?
      It's fun ... until your face is puched in the snow  :)

3 Just sit in front of the fireplace , look at the flames and do nothing :)
You see beautiful figures in the fire . You want to touch it but...                                                                                then you burn your hand. :s                                                                                              
    4 After a long cold day you deserve a hot tub ! Lie in the bath for hours and just relax ;) !
5 The beautiful vieuw ! Maybe it's cold in the winter and maybe you want spring.                                         (it's spring but it snows?! weird world no ... weird belgium :s )                                                                                                  but even though it's cold no one can deny that the views are magnificent in the winter. :)

I hope I've convinced you that winter can be fun.
(I just discovered that I go on holiday to somewhere where it's snows grrr >: (
1 advantage I'm probably gonna ski :)  which is already 2 years ago :s wish me good luck :) 

Lots of love

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