zaterdag 30 maart 2013

My new blog !

well hii there, i’m glad you’ve took the time to read my blog :D!
i hope you like it this blog is new and i'm gonna try to upload every week :)
but first : something about me (:
my name is silke whats yours ? First i wanna tell you something ;$ 
i’m 14 years old . i live in a small country called “Belgium” (we’ve got delicious, chocolate ;p) i try to be good for everybody, because everybody’s the same, white, black, bi, gay, straight, thin,.. we’re all human ;) and if we could look in our body’s its all the same (:!
i believe that people make mistakes and yes more than one in their life’s, they make 1000 of them ! and you can’t be judged about the things you do wrong in life, you need to be judged about things you do good, or things you work on. and that’s where life is about.. Finding your own personality, Finding who you are! But don’t forget every body’s beautiful in their own way! c: ♥

so this is kinda me if you want to know more? well don’t be a shame and JUST ASK !

Lots of love Silke

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