zondag 31 maart 2013

i hope the bunny findes you this morning!

haay guys

I wish you all a Happy Easter!
do things you never did before :)
Eat chocolate eggs (from belgium;) i swear we have the best chocolate in the entire world! )
 I really have eaten  too many chocolate eggs :s but I love it so I don't care :)  
Here are a few pictures of real belgian chocolate :)
Let it makes your mouth water :p 

Enjoy your vacation you diserved it! 

 Lots of Love 

zaterdag 30 maart 2013

winter is nice ?

But ... we can't do anything about the winter :( We have too survive ;) 
So we must see the fun of it :) 
Here are 5 things to make winter more fun ! :)

1  Drinking a hot chocolate milk in front of the fireplace.
    (if you don't like chocolate milk ... tea is also good :) 
    To make your chocolate milk even better 
     you  can do marshmallows or wipped cream in it. :p

  2  who doesn't like snowballfights with friends ?
      It's fun ... until your face is puched in the snow  :)

3 Just sit in front of the fireplace , look at the flames and do nothing :)
You see beautiful figures in the fire . You want to touch it but...                                                                                then you burn your hand. :s                                                                                              
    4 After a long cold day you deserve a hot tub ! Lie in the bath for hours and just relax ;) !
5 The beautiful vieuw ! Maybe it's cold in the winter and maybe you want spring.                                         (it's spring but it snows?! weird world no ... weird belgium :s )                                                                                                  but even though it's cold no one can deny that the views are magnificent in the winter. :)

I hope I've convinced you that winter can be fun.
(I just discovered that I go on holiday to somewhere where it's snows grrr >: (
1 advantage I'm probably gonna ski :)  which is already 2 years ago :s wish me good luck :) 

Lots of love

I want summer !

haay guys :)
It's March and in belgium ... it's snowing! :o
I'm really waiting for summer!
normally it never snows here so long! except this year  : (
First it was: yeah snow! I looked out the window and thought : "snow finally!"
Now I hate snow! Now it should really stop snowing !
I really want summer. everything is more fun when it's summer ! sea, sun and beach! but now it is the Easter holidays and I'm going on a trip next week :) so I'm happy  :D 

Probably you can't wait for summer too
Soo here are some summer pictures ! 

Lots of love 
Silke xxxx

My new blog !

well hii there, i’m glad you’ve took the time to read my blog :D!
i hope you like it this blog is new and i'm gonna try to upload every week :)
but first : something about me (:
my name is silke whats yours ? First i wanna tell you something ;$ 
i’m 14 years old . i live in a small country called “Belgium” (we’ve got delicious, chocolate ;p) i try to be good for everybody, because everybody’s the same, white, black, bi, gay, straight, thin,.. we’re all human ;) and if we could look in our body’s its all the same (:!
i believe that people make mistakes and yes more than one in their life’s, they make 1000 of them ! and you can’t be judged about the things you do wrong in life, you need to be judged about things you do good, or things you work on. and that’s where life is about.. Finding your own personality, Finding who you are! But don’t forget every body’s beautiful in their own way! c: ♥

so this is kinda me if you want to know more? well don’t be a shame and JUST ASK !

Lots of love Silke