dinsdag 25 juni 2013

it's oke ....

dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Hey, it's okay ...

  • To stand For hours for the mirror in the morning. Yet think you evening is the best hair.
  • To be jealous at your best friend.
  • To swoon in romantic comedies, road and hope that your life is a movie!
  • To pay more attention to facebook statuses than your practices of math.
  • To dreams about hotties like Channing Tatum, away while you know he is married
  •  To turn your pillow At night to the cool side to lie. 
  • To have thousands 'what ifs'
Lots of Love 

hair :)

Hey ladies,

I was surfing the net for hair tutorials ...
And I really came at a great DIY! Normally I curl my hair with a curling iron, but now I just do it with socks and it works really good!!

Step 1:

Make sure your hair is wet and put any mousse.

Step 2:

Use socks that stretch well and long enough.
Turn your locks around it, roll it up to the top and make a knot.

Step 3:

Put all locks securely for 3 hours approximately. You can attach them in the evening and they take out the next morning.

Step 4:

Remove the socks out carefully and spray a little hairspray on! Go there with your fingers for extra volume.

The result is, believe me!

See this tutorial again: p

BAMM... Let's rock this party! It's summertime!

Haay :) ,

Throughout the years I've been dreaming about summer and now it's finally SUMMER!!
I turn to you briefly summarize why summer is still so great! : p

1. No school!
Great, right? Sleeping late and not be concerned with all the worries of tests and tasks.

2. Sea, sun & beachIn warm weather, the sea is classic but still super funny destination! Nice tan and if you get too hot take a dip in the fresh water! Just wonderful! I <3 IT

3. The lovely clothes

Finally! You can pick tops and  short shorts out of the closet! Do you have almost no summer clothing more? Do not worry the shops hang currently full of summer dresses, shorts, ...

4. SummerLove <3
lOvE ... In the summer ... Most girls dream to have a summer love. A little vacation Logically, it is super romantic. But summer loving happend so fast ... "After the summer is over you see each other more often and that is quite unfortunate: '(

A few summer pictures :)

Summer -> I Love you 
Get all summer feelings ...
I have it allready !

Lots of Love 

I'm back :D

I'm sorry that it's such a long time ago :( but I'm back so .... Enjoy 

It is finally a little nicer weather, therefore you suddenly have a lot more energy. So when you finally, after a long working day or week or studying, have time to do something fun with your friends. It does not cost much. Here are a few ideas for your free time to spend. Useful and enjoyable

1. Play the tourist
Go wild and hang the tourist in your own hometown.
Wander at ease a round, visit the hot spots and take pictures of all the beautiful and interesting buildings or places that you encounter. If you do this together, you can also simply socialize and cozy gossip.

2. Go for a walk
Walking drowsy? Not at all! Cozy with a few friends for a walk. Time to chat and enjoy the nature (or city, or people) around you.

3. Organize your own photoshoot
Always wanted to be a model? Then you can organize a photoshoot with your girlfriends. First put make up and clothes on and then make nice pictures. If you only use stuff you already have, it costs nothing!

4. day at the beach
If you live close to the beach can also be a fun and inexpensive outing. Even in the winter! Go for a walk on the beach and then enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate at a beach.

5. Play games
Do as before and get cozy board or card games out. From Scrabble to poker, there is something for everyone's tastes. 

6. picnic
Go with a bunch of girlfriends fashioned picnic. Have everyone bring a snack and enjoy it. To avoid having to give any extra money you can ask your friends if they all want to bring. Some goodies Tasty, convenient and cheap!

Lots of love me

donderdag 9 mei 2013

Movies you must see !

Fellow girls,
There are already a lot of new movies coming or they are now already in the cinema.
I am now certainly hyper because there are many great movies I want to see. You too?
I'll let you guys see what you absolutely can not miss!

Perfect Mothers

A summer on the beach. Two seemingly normal families enjoying the sun: Roz and Lil, two mature but beautiful wives, their sons, two seductive young men, and their charming granddaughters caught up in their children's games. Roz and Lil have been forever inseparable as they were twin sisters. However, when they start an affair with each other's sons change the rules and their friendship is put to the test.

The host

Our world is occupied by so-called "souls" of the body other creatures take over. Wanda gets the body of former resistance fighter Melanie assigned. But Melanie's mind just refuses to release her body and fight back. 'The Host' is, like "The Twilight Saga", based on a bestseller by Stephenie Meyer.

For those who love action, you will love these one!
In Oblivion, an adaptation of the eponymous sci-fi comic director Kosinksi, the world is destroyed by years of nuclear war. The survivors can not live on the ground and are forced to cloud level to build a new life. Down on the earth aliens that can withstand the radiation. Jack Harper soldier is one of the last robot repairers on the earth as part of a major operation to obtain. Important raw materials His mission is almost over, until he rescues a stranger from a crashed spaceship ...

Safe Heaven
The young, beautiful and mysterious Katie trying to build in a small American town with a strong community. A new life Through her past is a big step for Katie to trust people. But when she meets the attractive Alex, a widower with two young children, everything changes. Gently let them love, and she is in love with Alex. But then some secrets up, putting her whole life upside down again. Katie must rely on the power of love and is forced to make certain choices ...

This movie I have not seen it myself, though he sees me there is pretty good. I'll probably still go see if I'm in a romantic mood him! <3

I'm actually quite addicted to movies! But what could be more fun than people in the office to carry you along with a good movie! <3

Lots of love 

Things you must have in your wardrobe !

Haay girlys,First i'm really sorry that it's such a long time a go that i upload something so sorry for that !!! But enjoy :) 

There is no fixed rule for garments that you should have ... Finally, you decide what your personal style! But you can never go in the fog when you have a well-stocked cupboard basics and funny touches to outerwear. Below you find some nice ideas that can help you to be ready for everything. :)


· 4 or 5 basic T-shirts with short sleeves
· 2 basic T-shirts with long sleeves
· 1 basic T-shirt with a striking detail
· 2 'wow' tops for going out
· 3 marcel tops
· 2 camisoles
· 2 tops with something special
· 3 neat camisoles
· 2 leisure sweaters
· 2 tight sweater
· 2 classic cardigans

· 1 jacket for the rain
· 1 winter jacket
· 2 leisure jackets (jean jacket, leather vest, ...)
· 1 smart / chic jacket
· 3 hoodies

There is a dress for every occasion but often you can use a dress in various ways (with a strap, with a brooch) it is a matter of styles.
· 2 neat dresses
· 3 leisure dresses
· 2 party dresses
· 1 great dress
Pants & Skirts

For many girls, it is difficult to find. A well-fitting trousers So if you find a pair of pants or jeans that perfect state, then immediately buy a pair of the same model in different colors.
· 4 jeans in all kinds of colors
· 2 or 3 bright, nice pants
· 1 sexy jeans
· 3 short / long shorts
· 2 jean shorts
· 1 skirt to dating
· 2 neat skirts (all seasons)
· 2 leisure skirts

Shoes take you anywhere. So make sure you always have comfortable shoes that you can run well, and it's also handy to have. Shoes per season As rain boots, sandals, ...
· 1 pair of flat shoes with decorations
· 2 pairs of sneakers for the city
· 2 pairs always-good-ballarinas
· 2 pairs of heels for going out
· 1 pair of thongs
· 2 pairs of high / low boots
· 1 pair of summer sandals
· 1 pair of rain boots

Choose a wide belt in a neutral color to accentuate your waist, a narrow belt with a bright color or a striking structure provides a little extra flair around your waist.
· 3 pairs of narrow belts
· 2 pairs of wide belts
· 1 belt with ornaments

It is the sacred 'bags' where nothing may happen. You've always needed, so make sure they are super cute!
· 1 clutch for smart occasions
· 1 bag for every day
· 1 large casual bag where everything fits
· 1 small bag for small trips

Precisely the details can finish your outfit. Choose jewelry that have the ideal shape and length for you. Collect different, so you can alternate and combine a lot!
· 1 neat necklace
· 1 rougher chain
· 1 hanger
· 1 charm bracelet
· 1 coarse, funky bracelet
· 1 cute little bracelet
· 1 pair of stud earrings
· 3 pairs of earrings
· 3 rings
· 1 small ring

Lots of love Silke 

zondag 7 april 2013

Spring !

Helloo!Although it is still quite cold here , I'm finally starting to get a spring feeling. I buy only tops, shorts, girly barrettes, I walk whistling through the house in my flip-flops (I have every toenail painted in a different color). Okay maybe the fact we have tons of easter eggs in the house also have something to do with it, but I have to address seriously!It's not really spring weather, but we should be glad that it is not snowing.   We have 2 weeks holiday so I have some time for some fun spring pictures and outfits to look like this! I go tomorrow on holliday. So I can't  upload this week. But after my vacation I will upload back. And give an account of the fashion things that I have discovered on vacation. Here are the pictures :)



( i'll see you when i'm back :D )

lots of love 

Dr. Martens :)

haay ,

I'm really madly in love with this super cute boots! There are convenient and beautiful ! And to protect to the rain, they are perfect! Shame about the high price tag, that is still saving ...
But swoon now only get away with these babies!


lots of love

What your shoes say about you?

Haay girls ,

When your old shoes so worn and you can't wear them anymore 
you can finally buy new shoes! Jeey!
But what shoes you can actually combine with what?

The Classic All-Stars <3

The absolute classics All-stars, I love those!
The all star gives you a playful and carefree look. Do not wear them under a skirt! But under a dress, on the other hand, they are very playful. Boys find this so cute! 

The cute ballarinas <3

It is a real art to find beautiful ballarinas. I usually walk for hours before I finally find real nice ones !
There are so many ugly ballarinas. Why??

The beautiful High Heels

For each season, a new pair of heels! : D
Yet the summer remains the ultimate season for heels!
Especially the Wedge, it really gives a summery feel and looks very nice!

The winter gives a warm and cozy feel wear these with a thick carpet or a tight skinny.
So you can easily find in the winter mood!


Spring gives her half-open shoes. Wear these with a floral skirt or shorts.
It gives something sweet and playful!

And last autumn. In autumn all the leaves of the trees. And therefore the shoes in red, brown, yellow! Wear this with tights and a stark dress. You'll
look amazing!

Spring hair styles


It's spring :) 
And to give you some inspiration, here are the Spring Hair Styles!

Hope you like it 

lots of love 

totally in !

haay :)

it's here not so hot yet. but the new summer collections are already in the stores . In the middle of this cold we secretly dream of  all the fun tops and cute dresses ...

This summer / spring are especially fluorescent colors like neon pink and neon yellow totally hip, but also pastel colors like mint green and violet come back. In the new collections from H & M, Forever21 and mango, these trends can be seen. A neon yellow bag or fluo pink shorts are very beautiful eyecatchers as well cute dresses in pastel colors are really something for me.
What do you wear this summer?